Filmer la Musique Festival is centered on multiple relations between music and video. It proposes projections, installations, performances and live concerts. Filmer la Musique rests upon a thorough search for independant movies and documentaries to present original and never-released-before works.

Dedicated to musical movies, the festival offers place to present most up-to-date formats (cell phones, dvcams, live concerts uploaded to You Tube…) Filmer la Musique highlights works that try to exist on the edge of broadcasting templates, and puts the accent on singular approaches, rare archives to contemporary creations. REMU designed the Mirror Ball Cinema, core of the festival, as an innovative broadcasting device.

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Paris – Gaîté Lyrique : Filmer La Musique #5 (juin 2011)
Paris – Point Éphémère : FLM 1, FLM 2, FLM 3, FLM 4 (2006-2010)