Sound Delta Wild reveals the richness of biodiversity in urban spaces through a unique sounds map presented for the first time in Paris (summer 2010). SD Wild is based on the observation of urban spaces became garden of sounds, highlighting its natural components. Sound Delta Wild is freely available on iPhone and provides a guide of the Wildlife sounds. Depending on your position, listen to the fauna and study ornithological factsheets from your iPhone. Sound Delta highlights wildlife in natural spaces (Parks, Botanic Gardens, River Banks) and also shows new paths, new places of the town and calls for curiosity and exploration wishes. As a scientific, educative and artistic pro- ject, Wild is a transdisciplinary platform mixing sound art and Green fields.

Galerie Le Sommer – Cité Internationale des Arts – Paris
Parcours sonore documentaire et musical
30 Novembre 2010
iOS 4
66.9 Mo