is a creative agency and a technical service provider. REMU integrates and adapts innovative technologies to support cultural and artistic projects (museum, tourism…) as well as interactive communication or marketing projects.

REMU smartphones Apps and special devices are immersive sound environments, augmented with geolocated medias.

REMU Apps are developed in a close relationship with our partners : cultural mediation, institutional communication, street-marketing…

REMU develops since 2006 an R&D activity based on sound immersive devices. Sound Delta is an immersive sound spaces creation device for headphones. Sound Delta is a R&D audio augmented reality program supported by the French National Research Agency (ANR, 2006-2009). Sound Delta Wild has been awarded Innovation Price (Creativity/Mobility) by French festival Bains Numériques.

R&D Lab

The R&D pole provides vigil mission in Remu for staying at technologic state-of-the-art.
The R&D Lab is the origin of Sound Delta program, support by the National Agency of Research (2006-2009)

Creative Lab

The Creative Lab brings together a multidisciplinary team : graphic designer, musicians, software developers, editorial managers, multimedia… allowing Remu to offer original solution for all projects.

Team and contact


Producers – CEO & Sales
Olivier LEGAL[at]
David GEORGES FRANCOIS davidgf[at]

Production Management
Léa ONDET lea[at]

Head of Creative Lab
Vincent VOILLAT voillatv[at]

Head of R&D
Michel PORCHET michel.porchet[at]

Olivier GUILLERMINET olivier.guillerminet[at]