Wild is a sound device for iPhone. This immersive device is based on biodiversity sound amplification in urban spaces. Wild invites to immerge into the urban biodiversity, discovering the natural...


Mothership Union

Mothership Union is a Sci-Fi installation by artist Michaël Sellam.
Mothership Union App proposes to explore the city of Nantes, looking for sounds marks of an alien path…


Autumn 10

Autumn 10 is a virtual exhibition dedicated to contemporary sound art practices.


Sound Delta

Sound Delta project explores a new form of composition of sound in space. Intended eventually to be deployed in an open space (a square, a neighborhood, a city …)


Filmer la musique Festival

Filmer la Musique Festival is centered on multiple relations between music and video. It proposes projections, installations, performances and live concerts.



Bestiole is a contemporary choregraphic show by Myriam Gourfink. Bestiole is based on improvisation and the dialogue in real-time between the dancers.


Loves is in the air

Based in Singapore city, Love is in the Air is a sound walk and interactive game trail created for Digital Nights Singapore.

Nonstop LOGO

Non Stop Music Planet

A 24 h movie around the planet. A night trip around the earth and through Internet and networks.

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